Friday, January 6, 2012 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Tense Moments During Mid-Morning Pawtucket Fire

Around 11:30 on Friday morning Pawtucket fire alarm dispatched Engine's 1,2,3 Ladder 1 & Battalion 2 to 111 Randall Street for a reported structure fire. Due to numerous calls the fill in companies were dispatched with Engine 3, Ladder 2 & Rescue 1 responding, Car 1 (Chief Sisson) & Car 4 (Safety Officer Woodside) also took in the possible job. Lieutenant Slater the officer in charge of engine one arrived and reported a "Code Red" with heavy smoke showing from the top floor of a three story occupied multiple dwelling at the corner of Mulberry Street. As firefighters made entry and stretched a line one firefighter was overcome by smoke and removed from the building while engine three arrived and stretched a backup line via side three. Battalion two established command and special called Engine 4 & Rescue 2 while ladder one arrived and setup on side four (Mulberry Street) and ascended the ladder to the roof. Heavy black smoke vented from the side three windows and eves as the crew of ladder one finished the roof vent and the incident commander ordered them to evacuate the roof. In the process of vacating the roof one firefighter broke thru the roof and slid down the incline stopping inches from the edge, the second firefighter attempted to make the rescue and also broke thru up to the waist. The interior fire companies were evacuated as heavy fire began to vent thru the roof in numerous locations and windows on side four. The two firefighters now trapped on the roof were able to safely make it to Ladder Two who had setup on side one across from Payne Park and were evaluated by rescue personnel once on the ground. A mutual aid box was transmitted thru Metro Control for station coverage and mutual aid crews were dispatched into the city to assist from surrounding municipalities. Heavy fire conditions in the building were brought under control with a exterior attack in about a half hour and crews reentered to chase smaller pockets of fire and overhaul. The cause of the incident is under investigation by fire prevention and the state fire marshals office. The three firefighters injured were transported to Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

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