Monday, January 21, 2008 Lawrence, Massachusetts

Overnight Firestorm Destroys Mutiple Buildings In Lawrence

Around 02:00am on a brutally cold January Morning, a passing Patriot Ambulance en route to a medical call passed the vacant "Millennium Nightclub" located at 44 Parker Street and reported a "active fire" from floors two and three. On arrival of the fire department Five Buildings all in close proximity to each other were involved in a heavy fire condition that took hold of the larger vacant three story building at the corner of Parker and Market Streets and quickly extended to additional exposures to the rear or that building. A 3rd alarm was transmitted as the original fire building collapsed into itself, "981" (fire alarm) also advised command "21" they were were receiving multiple calls for numerous other structure fires in that vicinity. With temperatures around 20 degrees and strong gusting winds, attention quickly switched to saving the neighborhood. Eventually a 5th Alarm was sounded with multiple special calls equivalent to a 8th alarm. Telephone poles, electrical wires, street lights, multiple vehicles, burned in the large urban firestorm which covered neighborhoods in all directions in a heavy brand condition that set off numerous other vehicle fires. Fire eventually extended into A large three story commercial & residential building at the corner of Parker and Springfield Streets as side one started to collapse, radiant heat melted street lights and signs across the street also scorching the side of Engine Nine forcing the relocation that piece, the snorkel was repositioned on side four to try to save the five other buildings in the block up Springfield Street that were now being severely threatened. Multiple residents an estimated 200 were woken up by police and firefighters and evacuated to a shelter at a nearby location in town until a permanent shelter could be established earlier in the morning. Multiple mutual aid companies from throughout the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts and nearby Southern New Hampshire responded as the fire raced through the Sixteen buildings which consisted of Twenty Six occupied apartments, Two vacant Dwellings, Multiple Garages &Other Outbuildings, and Two large mixed use commercial buildings.This was the second multiple alarm fire in about a week on January 13th A Large vacant church building on Park Street burned in a Five alarm fire that extended to one occupied dwelling, Also on September 2nd 2007 Box 6111 was transmitted for four buildings well involved on Andover Street between Blanchard and Parker Street fire originated at 328 Andover Street on arrival of the police fire had extended to all three exposure buildings which were under renovation, a 3rd alarm was transmitted en route due to a large header and the fourth alarm shorty followed after arrival that location is about five blocks from Mondays fire which is being called the worst in Lawrence since the Malden Mills Fire in 1995 which seriously injured 27 workers after a boiler explosion and resulting fire leveled the mill complex and extended to multiple residential and commercial structures one a quarter of a mile away, it was one of the worst in Massachusetts history.
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