Sunday, April 18, 2010 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Heavy Fire Damages A Pawtucket Dwelling

Around 22:20 On Sunday, April 18, 2010 Pawtucket fire alarm dispatched Engine's 3,2,6 Ladder 2 & Battalion 3 to 103 Meadow Street which is on the corner of Norton Street for a single call reporting a structure fire. Engine three out of the Columbus Avenue firehouse arrived first due and reported a "Code Red' with fire showing in the second story windows. Engine 2 Tower Ladder 1 & Rescue 2 filled out the balance of the assignment. Members forced entry and stretched in lines to begin suppression efforts as additional crews worked to extinguish fire extending up the exterior of the building. Incident command requested an additional engine company and Engine 1 who was responding to Star Street for a alarm bell sounding diverted to the fire, Shortly thereafter an additional special call was made for Engine 5 to respond and setup as the RIT company. The mutual aid box was requested out of metro control and station coverage was provided by surrounding communities as crews on the fireground stretched a line to the tower ladder in preparation for a defensive attack. Interior crews made progress on the overlapping fire on floor two within twenty minutes but fire extended into the attic space and eventually thru the vent hole on the roof before being controled. No injuries were reported during the fire but one canine perished, the cause of the fire is still under investigation by the fire prevention office. The recall was sounded at one minute after midnight.

Approximately two hours after clearing the police detail requested the fire department for a small rekindle in the soffit area above the front door of the heavily damaged building, the fire was quickly knocked down using one line.

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