Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Providence, Rhode Island

Well Involved Dwelling In Providence

At 23:15 On A Rainy Wednesday Night Providence Fire Alarm dispatched Engine's 12,2,7 Special Hazards, Ladders 3&7 and Battalion 3 to the corners of Sussex & Cheshire Streets for a house fire. Engine 12 reported a "smoke condition" while responding and transmitted a working fire on arrival with heavy fire showing from a one story ranch style occupied dwelling with an attached garage, The officer of Engine 12 special called 2&1 over the code red assignment and went to work with the deck gun. Engine's 3,14 Tower ladder 1 & Rescue 2 (Special Call) along with Engine 15 (safety) Ladder 6 (fast) Engine 5 & Air Supply (fill in assignment) responded as members on the fireground began to make some headway on the overlapping fire. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack to preform primary & secondary searches and extinguish the remaining fire which was auto extending out side three making the rear awning structurally unstable, firefighters also had to deal with a live electrical wire down onto a metal fence which made it an electrocution hazard. Jakes had the heavy volume of fire knocked down in under a half hour which is quite typical in the city, incident command reported the fire under control at 00:36, The house was heavily damaged and left six people homeless the American Red Cross responded to assist the displaced.
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