Sunday, June 28, 2009 Providence, Rhode Island

Vacant House Burns In Providence

At 19:10 on Sunday evening the Providence fire alarm office dispatched Engine's 8,3,11 Tower's 2&1 and Battalion 2 to the vicinity of 40 Arch Street which runs from Elmwood Avenue to Gilmore Street for a reported building fire. Battalion 2 reported heavy smoke from a distance as Rescue 1 arrived at 42 Arch Street and reported a heavily involved three story vacant wood frame, Engine 14 (safety) Ladder 6 (fast) Engine 7 / Air Supply & Rescue 4 responded on the working fire assignment. At 19:14 Battalion 2 arrived and transmitted a second alarm due to fire conditions and a potential exposure problem on side four, Engine's 10, 6 Ladder 5 & Division 1 responded on the second alarm as special hazards cleared a gas leak and took in the job. Incident command ordered a emergency evacuation of the building as heavy fire took hold of the upper floors and cockloft, Engine's 6 & 10 along with special called ladder 8 responded to Wilson Street to gain access to the rear of the fire building and setup for a exterior operation while fire alarm relocated Engine 2 & Ladder 7 to the Atwells Avenue firehouse. Firefighters remained defensive for about a half hour before the heavy fire was knocked back and interior crews could reenter for an extensive overhaul operation. Two firefighters were injured during the fire, the special signal canteen arrived to provide refreshment for the first responders. The fire is under investigation by the fire prevention office.
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