Saturday, September 27, 2008 Cranston, Rhode Island

Something In The Water In Cranston

On Saturday Afternoon a jeep traveling towards Oaklawn Avenue on Wilbur Avenue became trapped in about 2.5 feet of rushing water that flowed down from the top of the hill due to heavy rain, flooding the immediate area under the old train bridge. Shortly After Police arrived and closed Route 5 a "Good Samaritan" in his older model Nissan pick up truck decided to drop in and assist turns out that was a huge mistake. After speeding into the then rising water he slowed down to talk with the first driver as he himself became stuck while onlookers and police watched on dumbfounded. Eventually a large pickup truck with a lifted body showed up to help the two stranded motorists at which point the two were safely evacuated from the roofs of there trucks. About a hour later the water had subsided enough to approach the two vehicles which were both damaged extensively and needed to be removed by tow trucks.
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