Friday, October 1, 2010 Central Falls, Rhode Island

Overnight Third Alarm In Central Falls

On Friday evening as a majority of the area was being inundated with calls due to heavy rains and wind from the remnants of tropical storm Nicole, a call came into the Central Falls fire alarm office reporting a possible structure fire, At 22:25 Battalion 1 and all apparatus responded to 88 Sacred Heart Avenue which runs from Broad Street to High Street to investigate the report. Engine Two arrived minutes later and reported fire showing from the top floor on side four of a large four story occupied woodframed building and initiated an interior operation. On arrival of the battalion chief a second alarm was transmitted bring in mutual aid from Pawtucket, Lincoln & Cumberland. Pawtucket Ladder two arrived and set up in front of 142 Railroad Street which is the first floor of the fire building that sits below grade on side two and crews assisted in stretching an additional handline over the stick to members of Pawtucket Engine two who were on the third floor. Heavy fire extended from floor three into the cockloft and thru the roof shortly thereafter a third alarm was transmitted with a special call for the Cumberland air supply. When the heavy fire was knocked down and members were engaged in an extensive overhaul operation a mayday was transmitted for a downed firefighter on floor three, Saylesville Ladder 51 who had assembled as the RIT team on side one began to head in but stood down as members from Central Falls & Pawtucket assisted the firefighter who received a shoulder injury out of the building to the awaiting Cumberland rescue crew. A second firefighter was also injured later into the incident followed by a Pawtucket firefighter who received transport to a area hospital after returning to quarters. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, The recall was sounded at 02:12.

Mutual Aid To The Third Alarm:
Pawtucket Engine's 2,5 Ladder 2, Rescue 2
Lincoln Engine 4 (Lonsdale), Rescue 4, Ladder 51 (Saylesville)
Cumberland Engine 1, Truck 1 (Valley Falls) Rescue 2 & Air Supply
Providence Engine 7 & Tower Ladder 2 (Provided Station Coverage)
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