Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Overnight Second Alarm In Pawtucket

At 00:26 on Tuesday Morning Pawtucket fire alarm dispatched Engine's 1,2,5 Ladder 1 & Battalion 3 to 440 Pawtucket Avenue between Waltham & Sterling Streets for a reported structure fire. Numerous calls flooded into the state 9-1-1 office as the police arrived and reported the front of the building engulfed, seconds later engine one arrived and reported a "Code Red" on channel one. Lieutenant Masse the officer in charge of engine two arrived and transmitted a second alarm on channel two reporting the exterior front porches of a two story occupied woodframe dwelling fully involved shortly after the broadcast the porches collapsed. Engine 3 Ladder 2 & Rescue 1 filled in on the code red assignment while ladder one who is utilizing the reserve ladder three setup to vent the roof. Heavy fire conditions on the exterior extended into the first and second floors on side one while firefighters began an aggressive interior attack to handle the extension and preform primary and secondary searches. Exterior crews worked on the collapsed porches and exposure protection on sides two and four. The majority of the overlapping fire was knocked down in about a half hour leaving an extensive overhaul operation, two parked vehicles, a telephone pole and a fence also suffered heat related damage the building of origin 442 Pawtucket Avenue was heavily damaged. No injuries were reported during the fire and the cause is currently under investigation by the fire prevention office. The recall was sounded at 02:37 however engine one was dispatched back for a wet down during the investigation.

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