• Judy Benetti

    on July 9, 2021

    i was seven years old and I had two older sisters they were nine and eleven and a brother who was six. we should have all died in that fire if it wasn't for our neighbor we would have. I'm sixty-three now and it still haunts me. I think its because it was arson that bothers me more than an accident. We had no insurance and my father left shortly after. we went threw hell for many years. two weeks after the fire the only thing we had left was a car and it was parked on Mineral spring. In front of my nonni's house when it was totaled by a drunk driver. judy benetti

  • Mike Farrell

    on December 20, 2017

    This fire took place on Thanksgiving eve 1965. I grew up on amherst avenue and visited these business regularly. I've been looking for photos like this for many years. While i am happy to have found them, it is sad to see what was once part of my childhood stomping grounds.

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